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tv   The Source With Kaitlan Collins  CNN  February 27, 2024 12:00am-1:00am PST

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keep communicating with flight controllers until sunlight no longer touches its solar panels if you ever, ms an episode of lead, you can listen to the show went to get your podcasts. the news continues right now on cnn >> good evening >> i'm kaitlan collins coming to you live from one dead tonight after an extraordinary 48 hour journey in and out of ukraine for a one-on-one interview with president volodymyr zelenskyy on the second anniversary of putin's invasion of his country. it was a conversation that frankly surprised me several times, including zelensky's candor about the fight over us aid. it's a situation that is so dire as zelenskyy told me, ukraine will make no new gains on the battlefield this year unless they have us help he also warned that millions of people could die. it loomed almost over every conversation that was had with ukrainians on
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the ground. this question of whether or not american support is going to be part of their future tomorrow could be a moment of truth there because in washington, president biden is set to meet with the leaders of the house and the senate really inside that room when they talk about aid to ukraine, which we are told will be part of that conversation. it's going to be for against one inside the oval office because president biden, chuck schumer, hakeem, jeffries, mitch mcconnell, all on the same page when it comes to aiding ukraine versus mike johnson, who has continued to hold the line against providing fighting more aid. following in the lead of former president donald trump, president zelenskyy in our one-on-one sit-down had a lot to say about speaker johnson, the former president, and also the russian president vladimir putin. but we begin with how that stalemate in washington is being felt on the frontlines, half a world away. mr. president. thank you for being here. you said that you have hope that the us congress will deliver more aid to ukraine
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with all due respect. why do you have that hope? because there are some members who are very opposed to sending any more aid to ukraine i'm sharing really with you what i hear or what i heard. it's not only about the trust show, you know, that i really thankful for president and bipartisan support. but you have to know that's usually once a month i made and i invite not it's not only with invitation works, but i made a lot of congressman's from two parties and they always had that. they will help us. they will support us. they need some more time that they have some radical voices in radical ways in congress, but they will work on it and that's why i'm you know, what i have to do. i'm the president in the word time in ukraine, which is in the world, i have to trust our strategic partners if they will change their mind. so it's great problem for us
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and it will be the challenge for us. >> you were talking about the lawmakers from the us that you've met with you met with senator chuck schumer, the top democrat in the senate? >> but >> really the person who may have your fate in his hands is mike johnson, the republican house speaker, who has never voted in favor of aid to ukraine. >> what >> would you say to him? beyond that, he should come visit >> i had a meeting with him with speaker johnson and he also if we can trust each other, i again, the question of i'm just how to trust partners or not. that's what i have to say. so when we spoke each other, that he will do everything to support ukraine and he's on our side and he understands how heroic our people, our soldiers, and
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civilians and cetera. and he said that so he is fate with us? yes. and prayers with us and he said that he will do it. and then after my meeting with him admitting in the white house and also in the why now the nutrition told me, yes, we have challenges with some watch this in congress. and i asked president really asked him that i placed president. >> i'm >> asking you to help me and help ukrainian people and please can you do i know that you have a lot of questions to each other because we election period, challenging period. but can you can put the pause in your dialogue. con on these questions one plus one meeting with each other, with democrats and republicans. republicans. >> and >> please, can you have deal because for us is very
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important. yes, i gave this message. my message. i think that johnson headed and biden also had it. that's it. what can i do? i can't push speaker. this is his decision, but i think he understands all the challenges what do we have? >> do you trust speaker johnson? i have to trust >> i have to trust >> but we will see the stakes here. >> if us aid to ukraine stops does that increase russia's chances of winning? >> yes, of course of course and russians on the stand and they do ever seen by, you know, what the information it's part of the weapon and russian weapon there were throngs on it and while i was surprised that they are strong, even in the united states, in the eu, all over the world, it's true. they put a lot of money to this. >> the bill is very high,
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billions. and of course, they raise up this rigged up this topic through the society's different societies. and of course, they understand that it will have big influence on the battlefield, on the morality of his, of putin's murders. his soldiers because he knows that their morality is very low. because during two years, they didn't have real victories on the battlefield. they just destroyed villages and some of our cities, but they couldn't occupied mostly they couldn't occupy our big cities in our people. so that, that the answer that so he needs not to, how to give unity he needs to break the unity between us and united states. it means to break the unity in united states.
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>> you said that you believe russia is preparing a counter offensive for as soon as this may if that happens, and you don't get any more aid from the us, will you be prepared for that counter offensive? >> people will be prepared, but ammunition will not be prepared. and brigades, brigades will not be ready we'll be ready not only for our counter-offensive, they will not be ready to defend to stay strong. >> it will be very difficult one of the biggest things we hear from republicans who don't support more aid to ukraine. is they're worried about >> corruption in ukraine and corruption for the billions that are coming. can you tell americans why they should trust their taxpayer dollars with you? >> forced to wall >> thanks so >> much to american that they trust us. but if they have questions about it they can get everything with details and mostly congressman, they avid
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and nutrition also has it so mostly we didn't get billions with this military support. we we've got more important things military. equipment, not just carrying equipment, not a cash. and that is very important then you have to know that all these billions, they didn't go to our budget day when just two productions defense productions, military productions of the united states, or to some ponce, there are some, some fonts in the, in europe sometimes it goes for a buying some additional artillery and cetera. and after that week, we've got it so that is very important. the second, you have to know that now ukraine has the candidate status in eu for us, it's very important. >> but to >> get the candidate status,
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it's not only the future, not only our will and target to be the members of eu. when you get it, you have to vote and to provide anti-corruption reforms. >> all the >> anti-corruption enforce what eu law say, sets. so we wanted and provided all these reforms. that's why we've got candidate status. >> one other comment we heard from senator jd vance, who was in munich at the security conference, but didn't meet with you? he said that even if you got the $60 billion in aid, it is not going to fundamentally change the reality on the battlefield what's your response to that? >> i'm not trying that he understands what's going on here >> and >> we don't need any rhetoric of, from people who are not deeply in the, you know, in the
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war so to understand it is to come to the frontline to she what's going on to speak with the people, then to go to civilians to understand what will be with them. and that what will be with them without this support. and he will understand that millions people have been killed will be killed. >> he doesn't understand it because she doesn't understand it. of course, he got the god bless. you, don't have the war on your territory and god bless you, will never, you'll never feel it >> but if >> such guys and they are decision makers for us, if such guys want to really make right decision it's to understand right thinks, yeah, right. things. what's going on >> you've said that you're not in a stalemate. you don't believe ukraine's at a stalemate realistically, what does victory look like for you? >> we don't want any frozen
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conflicts that it first we had it by the minsk agreement, we had it after 2014 when they departed are or crimea and part of a list of our country. and we don't believe all our society, we don't trust any frozen documents, any frozen conflicts, any just, you know, papers about this and we understand that putin will never putin will never keep his word. it means that what we need to push their army, our territory, if we will control our borders, it means for us, of course, bees and the ending of the war. >> and >> it's not enough relates not enough. were important things it's not to give putin possibility to come back. and in any frozen conflicts, he will come back to destroy us and to us. that's true. and we don't want to check it the
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second time after minsky green, after normal format. so everything was to all that documents failed so that's been that with putin. you can trust him. that's why we don't need any frozen conflict. >> so you don't trust anything that his name is on. you did say today as far as military plans that your new commander in chief is drawing up a clear cut plan, you said, are there to different plans? one for if usaid happens in one, if it doesn't happen yes. >> it meant that if we have munition or not, if we count on our partners or we have gone only on us. so does defending plan or defending with some steps forward with counteroffensive that's where important those back looking back previous year to previous year. so what success we had on the black sea, maybe not everybody saw it, but it was
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success. we destroyed their ships. we opened black sea, not totally, but anyway, we made and created the new route in the black sea, which gave for today about 30 million tons of grain and other agricultural products? yes it's a big success, but we could did it could do it with we're kontraktnik munition with very kontraktnik things. i'm not shared with with audience or you all the details, but some of them i think people understand. >> so you see the difference that usaid mix that's what you're saying? yes. it mean that this year, if a ban on get anything, we will not add any success. >> and also via any >> success, any new success and i think the route will be closed with a grain because it to defend it, it's also about some ammunition, some air defense, and some other systems
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that's why without it and without we can't count on this really stark comment. you're basically saying that there'll be no new success for ukraine there's no new us aid. essentially. this all depends on us aid steps. >> success forward will depend on your say. yes, not defending. not only defending line because if you defend, just defend, you give possibility. >> russia pushed you >> yes, small steps back, but any anyway, you, we will have this steps back >> small one. but when you stamps back, you lose people we will lose people >> you revealed today for the first time the first time in years, how many ukrainian soldiers have been killed in the last two wars? in last two years. you said it's around 31,000. yeah. why did you
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reveal that number today? >> because it's enough for us to hear liars from different sites that we lost. 300,000 people and russia lost about 50, 60 different people, different scientists, even in the united states, different politicals, politicians, they shared some, some, some fantastic number of people been killed. so russia didn't have success. >> if >> in in occupation. there coupon it and have of those stores that they occupied it from the 2024, you know, that half of this tear through, we already deoccupied it it's i think this is success. again, lexi, this is it's a pity that we have so many losses because each person, this is tragedy for family. of course, but i wanted to stop all this sharing
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of flyers. i just wanted very much for our people and for our partners. >> understand it also, though, shows soldiers that you need. i mean, russia, obviously, there, there manpower outnumbers you do you expect that there will be an increase in the mobilization for the draft? >> when i was speaking about his before chief commander will do our audit. >> okay. so you're not going to say if the number is gonna go up yet one other thing you mentioned, you said the us election you believe will be a key turning point donald trump appears that he is on the verge of becoming the republican nominee for president the last time i interviewed him, he refused to say if he wanted ukraine or russia to win this war. are you prepared for him to be reelected? >> the decision who will be the decision of your society. >> but
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>> one moment i hope it's not, i hope it's it will not do so. but this way, but, but anyway, so if donald trump doesn't, doesn't know who he will support. >> ukraine or russia >> i think that he will have challenges with hue. so sad because to support russia it means be against americans i'm sure because russia killing our people, killing their oppositions they killed all, you know, all the democracy and democracy and freedom of speech. >> it means that he killed, putting guilt all the values which are, which we defined today. and i think, and i hope that we have common values our people with your people. that's why i can't understand
12:21 am
how, how donald from can be on the side of putin. so for me it's something unbelievable. >> so what a trump victory be good for ukraine or bad for ukraine? >> i think more important, what is for you that's your decision. so for us is very dangerous if politics will change, politics. >> though >> grading to ukraine policy, you want to impose, sorry. >> so >> for us is if the ukraine policy changes dangerous it's very dangerous. you very clearly want ukraine to be in nato yes. >> one >> comment that donald trump made recently is that nato countries that don't pay enough in defense, that russia should do whatever the hell they want to. those countries. those are his words. >> i'm sure that i'm not sure that he is ready to do to do it and just worth i think so.
12:22 am
>> you're not sure that he's ready to do to go out from the nato or to push congress, you have to pay otherwise, russia can do with you ever seeing russia wants, i think it's something like not just words >> it's just words. i think show what about when he says that he could solve what's happening in one day, this two-year war now in one day, i think he can't understand what's going on here as he he can't solve it with putin and with russia because we'll never be ready to give our turtles just for the stopping of the war, give them sort of a sense of our country. i think he doesn't really understand that. putin will not stop even in this case, putin will never stop. and he wanted to occupy this totally, that's why i think that donald trump doesn't know putin but i know that he met him and i don't know the spirit and mood of the abdallah get their things. but he he never he never fought
12:23 am
with putin american army >> never >> fought with the army of russia never. >> so you have a better view than he does. a better understanding, better understanding? you heard president zelenskyy there saying, at one point that he doesn't believe trump understands putin because he's never fought him. also, that he doesn't understand how trump could side with russia over ukraine will talk about all of this next with a former republican congressman and also the former director of the cia general david petraeus also tonight, more of our interview with president zelenskyy, including his telling answer to this question >> once said losing is, worse than death. you still feel that way today
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12:29 am
understands putin sleep better. he thinks than trump does because trump's never fought him. he's never had that kind of an adversarial relationship in the sense of what zelenskyy is facing right now with him yeah i. >> mean it's true. it's heartbreaking to hear. it's true. think about this. russia is approaching. if not, if they haven't hit it yet, they're approaching the number of lost man, the same that the united states lost in the entirety of world war ii so think about that. we liberated japan, germany, took out two dictatorships. russia has made minimal territory, territorial game with about the same casualties. so what it shows is vladimir putin has no appreciation for his the lives of the humans than his country and he will keep throwing meat at this, at this meat grinder until he wins and listening to people, particularly in my part in the republican party saying that our strategy is failing. i heard that today. senator, like wait, what there have been
12:30 am
minimal territorial gains 300 approaching 400,000 dead russian soldiers, most of which most of their tanks and armored vehicles are gone a significant amount of their air force, they cannot operate anymore in the black sea, which was once unthinkable and basically have not been able to have air superiority over ukraine to sit here and say, our strategy is failing so ukraine is winning if they can defend themselves. the problem is now the running out of ammunition because for some reason, the republicans that do support ukraine don't have the courage to do what needs to be done on the floor of the house well, i mean the reality also is russia is making gains on the battlefield. now a part of that they say is because of manpower issues in ukraine and the lack of ammunition there being more strategic. and when they fire, i mean, when he says that he trust speaker johnson talking about how they met, what speaker johnson said to him privately and he says that he trust him. i mean, what did you make of that comment >> what i hope he's right
12:31 am
>> you know, obviously they >> had private conversations, i think from what i've heard that speaker johnson in his heart would pass ukraine tomorrow if he could, or tonight if he could. the problem is, he doesn't have the political acumen apparently to be able to just put it on the floor and say, you know what, freedom caucus you guys want to try to vacate the chair. fine. do it. >> then he can cut a deal with the democrats to save them if necessary. but then they will build statues to speaker johnson and kyiv. this is the thing is these men and women have an opportunity to be known in history three if just four of them go to speaker johnson and say, we're going to shut down all rules are in, you know what that is, all action on the floor until you put this ukraine aid on the floor, he do it in a week signing the discharge petition, there's ways to get it done. he has to be emboldened by the rank and file republicans to push against the freedom caucus, which by the way, kaitlan, you covered congress long enough. the freedom caucus pretends like they're concerned about
12:32 am
china, for instance they are absolutely empowering china right now by turning their back on ukraine and they never have any intention of confronting china because i served with these, most of these men and women for a number of years and they believe in total isolation and do not believe that american strength is worth exercising in any way. so don't let them fool you by saying that the real concern as china, because they have no intention of taking on china either >> what did you make of zelenskyy's comment that he believes trump's threat to leave nato is in his view right now, just an empty one. >> well, i think he said what he needs to say. i mean, obviously, as you as you noticed, it was a great interview by the way. but as you notice, he has to be very careful, doesn't want to appear to meddle in us politics. obviously, he did a good job of resisting donald trump's attempt to get them to meddle in the first impeachment and so he's cautious about that. i think he understands that the idea that nato is going to go away is unthinkable. i'm sure he's concerned about it, but let's
12:33 am
be clear about something to you know, we're at a moment where the russians and frankly some people in the republican party are saying that this is just nato expansion. we finally got sweden and it was difficult to do so >> it's a tough argument to make an a tough >> thing to sell >> congressman adam kinzinger, great to have your perspective on this interview. thanks for your time tonight. >> you've got sam more of this interview with president zelenskyy is up next his very candid answer on how these last two years have changed him we'll be joined by four-star general david petraeus on where he sees this war headed next night out on the ice plus something. >> i saw nothing either with so much charming man, you're ever going to meet, or he was your worst nightmare >> he was bad man. >> you've adopted a kid and now they're trying to kill you, >> want people to pay for what they've done >> have to dig, to get to the truth
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fine. the plan that's right for you at trust and we'll dot com thanks. joe the game. >> we should expect. >> a that's a good look, boys do. this just happened >> is a card for every team for every discover >> two years, and tens of thousands of ukrainian soldiers
12:38 am
dead. russia's invasion has fundamentally changed the ukrainian people, but it's also changed the 46 year-old president it's been two years of war. how have the two years of war changed? >> you totally >> flies all our society now the priorities and other understanding of value of your family of your children, and other understanding of the time what really you need and what is just, just nothing focusing on very concrete things understanding who is really your friend. and it's not only in countries, also outside, who is your real friend? who are
12:39 am
from our leaders, our partners? >> who are businessman >> and france are more important than businessman and i think all this and what is your country really really need? it's just just just what people mean, just to survive >> you want said, losing is worse than death do you still feel that way today? >> losing to putin is worse than death? >> that's the same in the same for today, because when he wants only one goal for him is just just to kill, you your people. so it means to lose him. it means to be killed
12:40 am
>> mr. president. thank you for your time today. thank you so much. >> and i'm doing now by the former us commanding general who oversaw american led wars in afghanistan and iraq retired four-star general david petraeus, who also is the author of conflict, the evolution of warfare from 1945 to ukraine general, it's great to have you here tonight because you are one of the few people has an idea of what zelenskyy is talking about, what he's going through as a leader and what it's like bearing the responsibility of war and how it does change you as a human being. >> well, absolutely leadership at that level is a very grinding experience. i think it's particularly so in the case of ukraine and particularly at this juncture they still are very determined. i was at the munich security conference and we heard from him. i talked to his national security adviser, number of other individuals that were there the determination is still absolutely clear, but as
12:41 am
i'm sure you felt in kyiv very different from last year, there is a weariness that has set in and there's also an degree of worry on top of all the other challenges that leaders had never had to question whether or not the pentagon was going to come through for me in this case. his biggest worry is in fact, whether the us is going to provide the additional resources that have been approved by the senate, but are hung up in the house. and that is a very, very big factor. i just had an essay in foreign that talked about the future of the war in ukraine. it was titled, it depends because it does depend. it depends first and foremost on continued us support noting it as as you know, europe has actually come through. so munich is very different. normally it's a situation where the us is trying to say, hey europeans, you gotta get your act together this year. it's the european saying we just passed 50 billion at the eu level. every country is doing it vigil. agreement with
12:42 am
ukraine and what what are you up to? one were you going to come through for ukraine noting that this is in our national security interests. this isn't charity. >> yeah. >> so then the other challenge that they face is this very sensitive political issue for ukraine of force generation are they going to reduce the age of conscription? it's really quite high. the soldiers and i was privileged to lead in iraq and afghanistan. average age was somewhere 18 to 23 in ukraine, the average age of a soldier in the front is over 40 and it's because of the way they actually carry out conscription. they've got to come to grips with this because the another really big factor is their ability to generate replacement soldiers. and also additional forces and units and capabilities relative to of course, those russia, which has a population more than three times their size and economy, ten times. there are some will. >> and right now in ukraine,
12:43 am
it's, it's 27. a question of whether it's going to be lowered to 25. and how many? i mean, yes, all that play out with the departure of the ukrainian commander in chief. he's now been replaced. and when you look at this they are very quick and ukraine to say this is not a stalemate, but the counter offensive that was highly anticipated last summer did not work. and i wonder if when you look at russia's gains on the battlefield, if you do believe the tide of this war is turning in russia's favor? >> well, you can sense a shift in momentum if you will the ukrainians did at least have the momentum or have the initiative, at least during the summer offensive, they were the ones pressing forward. yes, they did not achieve what we hope that they would now that it's reversed and russia has been able to take back some of the gains that ukraine achieved earlier. these are not strategically important. gains, but they are on, they have the initiative, they're the ones
12:44 am
pressing the fight and the concern, of course, for the ukrainians is that they're having to ration essentially artillery ammunition. they're worried about running out of the all-important aaron ballistic missile defense interceptors. kyiv is a city that has a normal field to it, despite the air raid sirens going off every night, and most people now don't even go to the air-raid shelters there is because they have confidence in this. imagine if all of a sudden they start to run out of the interceptors and systems that we have provided for air and ballistic missile defense. so again, there's a lot to be concerned about here. and the mood certainly is very, very different. it was a very different feel in munich and those that have been there. and i'm sure you since the same there's a mood of real concern and worry and weariness >> yeah. zelenskyy at one point said there is no alternative to american support because even if you have the money, you can't get those patriot missile systems. what they need, general david petraeus will obviously be watching all day this closely. thank you for
12:45 am
your insight tonight >> good to be with you again, kaitlan. thank you >> and back in washington, president biden made some very big news about the israel hamas war today as he was at an ice cream shop for the late night host at his side what he said about what could be to come on the ground in gaza >> i'm evan perez in washington. and this is cnn >> you do you you? that could do this because next skill professionals to get all your home projects done well get started today. that for nearly a decade, i served in the navy supporting seal teams today, i run sabo
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>> brilliant done let's do four more
12:49 am
just stop by. bridge for the ones who get it done >> very sorry to hear about your father, father, mother. >> thank you. well, that's a little better. he does so >> you go >> the always have to be the center of attention. >> i have to accept that you're wired like luna? >> yes. small your petty, you're walking virus. larry >> an authenticity involved in caring about oneself president biden tonight >> with a hopeful assessment about the prospect of another ceasefire happening in gaza and happening soon. it would mean a stop in the fighting in exchange for the release of more hostages who are still being held held by hamas tonight. the president made a spontaneous announcement at an
12:50 am
ice cream shop after he had taped a segment with a late-night host, seth meyers, which is why you see him standing by his side as he said, this when you start well, i hope by the weekend i mean the end of the weekend my my national security adviser tells me that we're close, we're close. it's not done yet. my hope is by next monday, we'll have a ceasefire no other details on what could be a major turning point in this war. but i want to talk more about that moment there with democratic congressman ro khanna of california, who is now been calling for a ceasefire and also campaigning for the president, congressman beyond the way that this was announced, which i think was a little bizarre to everyone, obviously staying next to seth meyers with an ice cream cone in his hand on the actual substance of what he said what do you make of the timing of this >> well, i appreciate the president saying that it's big news. i don't think it's a coincidence that it's on monday
12:51 am
before the michigan primary and it shows that the president is listening to his coalition. i give mayor hammoud the mayor of dearborn credit. i get the majority leader in michigan representative. a volley gosh, credit and all the activists and progressive saying this war needs to end in many progressive speaking out, i think the president has heard that message and he's telling jake sullivan now let's get it done. let's have a ceasefire with the release of all hostages you personally have changed your stance on calling for a ceasefire. our viewers will remember the last time we had you on back in november, we had this robust discussion about this and you had not yet called for one staffer of years had resigned over the fact that you hadn't done that, what changed your stance on this? >> well, your essay, right? i believe that israel should have had the right to self-defense, with hamas. and i condemned the october 7 attack. i combated, condemned hamas and still do as a terrorist organization. but by mid-november, by thanksgiving, i thought israel
12:52 am
had demolished about two-thirds of the battalions in hamas and prevented a further attack on october 7. and the response of netanyahu and his extreme right-wing government since then has been disproportionate. they have defied the president going into places like rafah. they have engaged in bombing that even the president is called over the top. and so my view is that so netanyahu's goals are unachievable. this idea that you're going to kill all hamas fighters and that we need a permanent ceasefire and release of hostages. and there are over 60 members of congress now who have taken that view you mentioned what's happening in michigan tomorrow and i think for people watching, who, who maybe have not been paying close attention to it, >> it's important to note about this campaign that's underway to convince democrats there to vote uncommitted in the democratic primary, basically to send a message to president biden that they don't like his policy on this. you said that you believe that he needs to have specific policy changes that are different here that just slogans are not enough to
12:53 am
actually win over those voters. what specific changes do you want to see? >> i want to see an end to the wars. i'm encouraged that the president has made that statement today permanent ceasefire or a cease and release the full hostages. it's one of the arguments actually made in michigan of why i would vote for president biden if i were a voter in michigan because at least he's willing to listen to the democratic coalition in contrast to donald trump, i also believe that the president needs to make it clear to bibi netanyahu and ben-gvir. and the extreme right-wing government that they're not going to get precision missiles from us to kill more innocent civilians in places like rafah, when we've told them not to do that and i believe the president needs to clearly state that the occupation needs to come to an end and recognizing a palestinian state. >> but on that congressman, you said he's listening to people. but when he went to michigan recently, he avoided era areas
12:54 am
that have a majority of arab americans. and then instead, he was speaking when he was meeting with these union leaders, it was a mostly white area, suburban area. i mean, is he actually listening to them enough? do you think well, i know he's listening to people like me at times, i've talked to him about this and i've said to him, mr. president, you've have a progressive base that's very upset about this. my hope is after we get a ceasefire to release the full hostages, that he'll spend a half a day in dearborn just to listen, the president is very empathetic. >> i think he >> needs to hear the stories of loss of grief. i mean, people they're talking about families with lost three generations of relatives in the same house that one person to grandmothers who had been killed he needs to empathize and hear that. and then i think he can win back that cross >> congressman ro khanna, always enjoy having you on the source. thank you for coming on tonight. >> thank you. kaitlan. >> up next the former president
12:55 am
donald trump is now prepared to appeal the biggest penalty of his life and is nearly half $1 billion for fraud but it's growing with interests. the question is whether or not he has the money to put up more liebermann at the pentagon cnn >> our mission here at cnn is that the news comes first. that's the promise of the situation room breaking. news, politics, world events we work as hard as we can to get the facts and tell the stories that matter. most >> the situation room with wolf blitzer weekdays it six on cnn >> it's really been a gift having mom live with us. but as a nurse my training told me she needed more help than i could provide so i connected with the
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>> frank sinatra had connections with the mafia and all these nightclubs are owned by the mob. >> you didn't want to make those guys he was to vegas. the story of >> since sunday at ten on cnn >> tonight, there are major questions over how former president donald trump is going to be able to find nearly half 1 billion to appeal the judgment in his new york civil fraud case he filed a notice of appeal this morning. that's the next step here. he has until march 25 to put up the cash or post a bond for that enormous sum that he has been ordered to pay. the attorney general for new york, letitia james says that office is prepared to seize his new york assets if he's unable to make that deadline? here tonight, is former federal prosecutor, kristy greenberg. and it's great to have you. i think a question is, do we know, will we know when trump either puts this money up or post the bond to officially hold offs


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